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Social Impact Consulting

Non-Profit Programs & Projects

Human Resources & Bookkeeping

Justice-Impacted Coaching

Social-Justice Public Speaking

Mentoring Services for Reentry Programs

(monthly performance documentation provided)


"Never Forget Where You Came From"


-Justice Involved Life Coach

-Restorative Justice Principals and Facilitators

-Wellness Recovery Action Plan

-Peer Mentor Trained

-Trauma Informed Care

-Project Management

-Human Resources Practices

-AA in Accounting


Different Souls on One Accord places a strong emphasis on the profound impact that organizations and programs can have on both the global landscape and the lives within our communities. Recognizing that community acts as a vital conduit, instilling hope and fortitude among individuals who collaborate towards a shared objective, our mission is to address the persisting inequalities stemming from flawed systems, laws, and unyielding mindsets. We refuse to remain idle spectators, instead actively seeking to transcend our comfort zones in order to prioritize the needs of others. By partnering with organizations, we aim to revitalize stagnant programs, enabling genuine transformation to take root. The fruition of functional programs serves to bolster and unite the entire social justice community, fostering a secure environment where individuals can cultivate wholesome lifestyles while embracing inclusivity, freedom, and equality for all.

What sets Different Souls on One Accord apart is our distinct approach, harnessing the strength of both professional expertise and personal life experiences, which have proven to be remarkably effective. We understand the significance of individuals feeling heard and understood, and our firsthand encounters allow us to offer consultations from a relatable standpoint, demonstrating the efficacy of specific processes.

Operating on spiritual principles, particularly the unwavering foundation of love, informs every decision and support extended by Different Souls on One Accord. We recognize that life transcends any one individual or entity, and by embodying the principle of placing others before ourselves, we stand united, resolute in our pursuit of fostering wholesome change."


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