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"Never Forget where you came from"


Different Souls on One Accord focuses on the impact organizations and programs can affect the world and lives within our communities.  Community is the pipeline that speaks hope and strength to a body of people that work together for a common goal. 

There are thousands of organizations in Georgia that claim to focus on social justice reform. However, people, communities, and families continue to suffer from the inequalities of broken systems, laws, and unchanging mindsets. Different Souls on One Accord refuses to stand by doing nothing. We are not afraid to reach above our comfort to put the needs of others first. We would like to work with organizations to help change and turn a stagnated program back to life so true change can occur.  When we have working programs it builds a stronger and effective social justice community as a whole. Therefore, the community can become a safe place where individuals can have healthy lifestyles while bringing forth a feeling of inclusiveness, freedom, and equality for all. 

Different Souls on One Accord is unique in their effort to utilize the strength of live professional and life experiences that show to be effective.  People want to know they are being heard and understood. Our lived experiences allow us to consult from a relatable outlook that shows how certain processes can be effective.

Different Souls on One Accord operates in spiritual principles by walking in LOVE with every decision and support given. We realize life is not about one person or one entity, however, as we exercise the principle of placing others higher than ourselves,  we can stand strong collectively to bring forth healthy change.


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