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Holding Hands


                                                            -Mahatma Gandhi


Relationship Life Coach
Spiritual        Family and Relationship         Marriage         Social Justice   


Take comfort in knowing when you sit with one of our coaches, they will be of someone that shares some of the same lived experience with you who can understand and connect with you. 

Different Souls on One Accord was given to me in 2019 by God. My name is Katrina Butler, and I have always had a passion to use all my life experiences and the teachings God has poured into me to help others build and keep healthy relationships in our lives.


Life is hard – period. We go through so much that weighs us down. Sometimes we need a caring person to hear us and help us find clarity through tough situations.

Our purpose is to build a safe place through self-awareness and spirituality.....A journey back to oneself moving forward in LOVE - offering our best selves that touch all aspects of our lives.




Believe In Yourself!

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you"
- Psalms 32:8

There are times when you look up and may feel like something is missing.  You look at your circle of individuals in your life and what you see just doesn't make sense. You may feel like you need a change but you just are not sure how to get to there.  You want a life of meaning to fulfill and move you closer towards your goals in life. But what is that? You may feel like you have lost yourself by giving out and taking care of others. Who are you? You may not be sure, however, you are ready to get back to yourself. You want to feel good about yourself and the aspirations you may have to bring satisfaction and joy into your life. 

We at Different Souls on One Accord take your feelings seriously. We believe that there is goodness and a purpose in everyone. Its time to put the time into yourself. Its time to know you are worthy and you matter! Allow Different Souls on One Accord to support you in the things that make you happy.
Take advantage of this opportunity to find your personal journey back to yourself, therefore, moving forward in LOVE in all areas of your life.

Embrace YOU!
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