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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Life is so busy that it can become overwhelming. Before we know it, we stop or lose a part of ourselves that make us who we are. Here are so tips so you can be at your best and not swallowed up by lives to-do's. Do not be afraid to turn off the television, turn off your cell phone, turn of the computer / laptop and even separate yourself. You are not being anti-social. You putting yourself first and loving on yourself - even if its just for a couple of minutes everyday is a choice that shows the love you have for yourself.

Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes and listen

Learn to relax in the moment. Disconnect from all that is going on around you to collect your thoughts. Clear your thoughts. We may be clogged up with everything we bring into our lives and its time to unclog those things so the new and fresh thoughts have a way to flow freely within us.


Get caught up in the moment of becoming one with your favorite song. Allow the music to take you away and clear your mind


Pour out all your thoughts and feelings on the paper. The paper can not talk back to you and it has no judgements. You are free to be as honest and transparent as you wish. You can yell, laugh, cry and tell your deepest secrets all through journaling. This is a great stress reliever.


Meditation has shown to be a proven fact of bringing peace and clarity to one's life. This may be hard at first but the more you exercise this practice the more you are able to sit or lay focusing on your breathing so your mind does not float towards worrying about your next appointment. YouTube has many guided meditation video to help you.

Take a shower or bath

I can not tell you how many times I found myself so overwhelmed and I would jump in the tub or shower to calm me. It's something about being surrounded by water and the sound of water that soothes me. Afterwards, I sleep or relax like a new born baby.


Having a good laugh relieves stress. Call that friend that makes you laugh every time you get on the phone with them. Put on a comedy or go to comedy club. Just laugh to stop from

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