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Safe Places

While going through trying times in our lives, we look for places and people that provide us a safety and comfort where we can open up and be transparent about our feelings.

In today’s time that may be easier said than done because everyone is so busy and consumed in their own affairs of life, they don’t have time to hear and worry about what you have going on. This reality can very disheartening. However, if you choose a friend, pastor, therapist, life coach or some person to communicate your feelings, make sure it’s a person who can value the space you are in without judgement or condemnation.

Have you ever been in a place where you open up to someone and they turn the conversation to be about themselves? What about when you open up to someone and instead of compassion, you get irritation or a rushed conversation? How about a time when you opened up to someone and they break your trust by gossiping about your business? Have you ever been in a place where you opened up to someone and it led to you being verbally, emotionally, or even physically abused?

In each of these situations, you walk away asking yourself, “why did I open my mouth in the first place”?

Everyone needs someone in life. You are not alone in wanting to have a safe place to vent. However, please remember that just because you share your feelings, it doesn’t mean that your confidant will hold back in pointing out some realities that may help you. These realities may not feel good, however, if you know in your heart that they really mean the best for you, you should consider all that is being said. That is the purpose of having a safe place – its to bring forth clarity in situations.

We were created for companionship and fellowship that leads to us feeling secure with the people or person we love. If you are walking away from conversations regretting that you opened up, then maybe it is time to find someone else that you can share your deepest most precious feelings with. Here are some alternatives that can eventually become a safe place for you:

- Prayer and meditation time

- Talking to God

- Support groups

- Meet and great groups

- Bible study groups

- Writing down your feelings

- Social Media groups

- Law Enforcement if you are in a harmful situation

You do not have to feel alone. However, remember, the same way having a safe place is important to you, it is just as important to the ones who come to you to confide in. Learn to be that safe please for others while seeking a safe place for yourself. Walk in Love !

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