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When the talking stops....

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Communication is like the glue that adheres a healthy relationship. But what happens when the communication stops? What are you left with? What are you supposed to do now when your husband / wife, child, or loved one stops talking to you? Do not worry, there is HOPE !

In accepting a person's choice we have to respect each other's space. We have to know although we maybe hurting and we are ready to talk doesn't mean that your loved one is. And that's okay. There is a power that exists when a person can just sit with you while you are trying to figure things out. In life we just need to be able to sit in the silence and when someone is constantly in your ear, it gets in the way to make sense out of our feelings.

In the meantime while you are giving your loved one the space to collect themself, you job is to continue walking in love. So many times we want to treat others as the treat us. But what does this solve but the back and forth effect. Someone has to be the one to push through the hurt to walk in love. A hug, a kind gesture and finding sweet notes left for you can be just as strong and effective as verbal communication. Find other ways to communicate and let your love one know that despite still love them.....WALK IN LOVE.

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