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Haters Motivate

There was a time when people would always say, “My haters motivate me” People would acknowledge the individuals in their lives that would get comfort in another person failing. However, this behavior would put motivation within the targeted person to push forward to their greatness in hopes of shaming their haters.

For me it wasn’t so much about the haters in my life but more feeling empty after speaking my situation to others when asked. It was about feeling ignored or that I didn’t matter. If not careful, these feeling can bring on deeper one such as anxiety and even depression.

Have you ever been at a low point, and you repeat your story over and over and over again hoping that someone / anyone will not just hear you but respond through a supportive action? Have you ever felt alone or that you would rather keep your feelings inside where they were safe from uncaring people? Well, you are not alone.

Philippians 4:15 tells of Paul thanking the Philippians for stepping up in support of his Godly assignment to travel and spread the gospel. Paul made it known that the Philippians were the ONLY people that showed support in his mission by financially supporting his travels ensuring they would continue. Paul traveled over 10, 000 miles repeating over and over the great gospel story. If I could go with him in my spiritual mind, I can see him receiving the same responses that we receive today leaving him feeling that his words were falling on deaf ears to many. I could see Paul feeling down at times but instead of staying down Paul learned how to rejoice. In vs 4 he adds the word “anyway” This leads me to believe that Paul was telling us to find joy regardless of how things appear.

Like Paul, God always has a ram in the bush to spark the energy right back in us. Throughout this 4th chapter of Philippians Paul shows us that he is no stranger to feeling down and gives us encouragement on how to overcome feelings of being ignored. In verse 5-9 he tells us to focus on those things that are true and honest in our lives. When you are feeling like no one cares or even hears your pain, do as Paul did, turn your mind towards things that are pure, and holy. He continues in vs 5 telling us that if there is anything of good report, virtue, and praise to focus on those things as well. He brings us comfort in letting us know that we are not alone by telling us in vs 9 to learn from him and when we do, the God of peace will be with us.

Acknowledge your feelings however turn your focus to the things you are thankful for, things that bring you joy, peace and love. Before you know it, you will have a whole new perspective on your situation. Remember, as Paul reminds us in vs 6; when no one hears you, you can always talk to our Heavenly Father and ask him for direction and the peace of God in which is far more understanding than any man will keep your thoughts, quiet, and rest them, as you trust in HIM. Like Paul, God will send a Philippine into your life to see you, hear you, and support you in the concerns you have at hand.

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