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Puzzle Pieces of Life

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Life is so funny. God is every changing and you really have to be on your toes allowing yourself to constantly pivot. Unfortunately, our eyes are so comfortable to gravitate towards the negative or down sides of life and we really must work hard to train ourselves to see the silver lining in everything. It’s not easy but necessary. If we ever want to have peace, joy and love, we have to work hard at seeing God’s goodness regardless of how things may look around us. We have to assure ourselves to know that with every challenge in life, things will work out eventually - coming together like a well put together puzzle.

When you first started in a new experience, this new journey, the pieces were everywhere. How many times have you sat back and said “my life is a mess”? You are looking at all these puzzle pieces that you dumped on the table while the pieces are staring back at you like “What you going to do”? … lol. Life is like that at times…many times.

Its not until you start picking up each piece one by one, separating them until you find all the end pieces. One step at a time, one task at a time to start bringing forth order – trying to make sense of things. The border is like the boundaries we set for ourselves in life. They keep us safe, in control and allow us to have a starting point of where to go next. That’s when you start filling in the middle. This is the substance of who you are – your identity. This part is crucial because this is where you have to be truthful with yourself, asking yourself those critical questions but being okay with the answers. Your answers may not be of the norm, but they are who you are. When we are not completely truthful with ourselves, it’s like forcing pieces of the puzzle together that do not belong. You know how it is - , you are tired and exhausted from life and we desperately just want to move past these challenges. Doing any and everything just to be done with certain periods in your life. You want to make these two pieces come together but as you force them into each other’s space, no matter how much you try, they just don’t fit – a hole. It may not be a large hole. It may be so small you could miss it. But it’s definitely there.

This puzzle, this life is harder than you thought. Some of us keep at it, some of us walk away and come back to work on it a little at a time, and others of us take the progress we made, unattached the pieces, open the box it came in and start shoveling the pieces back in the box eventually placing it in a place where its out of sight, out of mind.

I ask you today, standing in your truth, which one are you?Only when can identify who you are apologetically, are you able to go forward devising a plan that works to bring out the best part of you to accept yourself and for others to appreciate and love but it starts w

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