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Three Fingers Pointed Back

An old saying is to be careful of pointing the finger at others because there are always three fingers pointing back at you. Many would look at this and say, “this means do not judge”. Although yes, we are not to judge because no one is perfect, and everyone has sinned.

But God has showed me a deeper lesson in this saying. Parents are the leaders and teachers in the family. When you are honest as a teacher or leader, you can admit that as you are speaking to others, those words somehow ricochet back to you. When we teach, those same words come back to the teacher as wisdom. So yes, that one finger that points out is intended to bring awareness to the individuals who are listening, but the three fingers pointing back to you are for you to hear and receive the teachable jewels the Most High God has for you.

There are more fingers pointing back because teachers and leaders need more teaching because they are the chosen ones to carry out God assignments. Too many of us get use to hearing ourselves speak / teach until we can’t hear how God is using those moments to speak to the teacher as well.

Go ahead, teach and lead but always remember that there is a lesson in it for you as well. A great teacher is ONLY a good student who has mastered a skill. Open your heart and mind knowing we can learn from our children just as much as they can learn from us.

There is a Latin proverb that says"By learning you will teach ; by teaching you will learn"

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