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I have fell in love with the simplicity of life. I have lived the life of rushing, quickness, fastness, hastiness, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I didn’t have a chance to because it was always one thing after another.

However, there is something that is so special about the simple things in life.

In simplicity you find reflection.

In simplicity you find meditation.

In simplicity you find clarity and direction.

In simplicity you find stillness.

In simplicity you find peace.

In simplicity you find rest...... Just sit in that for a moment.

We rush through life to have the finer things, fancy car, high paying job, big house, a large vocabulary, designer clothes, expensive diamonds because its what everyone is doing.

But what good is a fancy car when you have no one who loves to take drives with you

What good is a high paying job when you go unnoticed, and you are working your tail off to make someone else rich.

What good is a big house when there is no love and laughter to make it a home

What good is a big vocabulary when no one understands what the heck you are talking about

What good are designer clothes when the name is more important than the individual who has them on.

What good are diamond rings when no one takes honor in holding the hand that is wearing them.

You can have the fancy, fast life, running with the Jones’ type of lifestyle where we are continuing to perform task after task.

But for me, I will take the simple things in life where I can I have time to love myself and enjoy loving others while making memories that can never be erased.

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