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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Life's right is having the ability to choose

However sometime the choices of others end up hurting us to the core of our being. We want to ask "why" and "how could you"? When giving the answer, it still does not take away the pain. The first thing people want to say is "It's not you, its them". I know if may sound corny but its exactly right. People are entitled to make choices that make them feel happy. So why does someone's happiness have to cause so much unhappiness with someone else?

That, my friend is something we will never be able to change. We do not hold the authority to change anyone. Therefore, just know that the same why the person who hurt you made a choice, you have that ability to make choices for. You can choose to wake up telling yourself what a great person you are and its their lost. You can choose to smile and say something nice to someone today, You can choose to buy you a outfit to make you feel better. You can choose to go out with friends or realize its time to take up that craft you have been putting off for so long...YES, its time for you to choose YOU! Choose to get up, dust yourself off and present the best YOU that this world has ever seen! Embrace YOU!

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